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Pink Amethyst

A recent discovery in the crystal world, Pink Amethyst is found in a mine based in Patagonia, Argentina. Because of the exclusivity of only one location where it is found, it is considered a rare crystal.

Through scientific study of the structure and make up of this pink beauty, it was determined that out of all other major minerals, the Amethyst was its closest family. The inclusion of hematite to its crystalline structure produces the much sort after pretty pink colouring.

Often the meaning and properties of a crystal develops over time and events, with Pink Amethyst only having a rather short history, these factors are somewhat subjective and still developing … we will be watching eagerly to see what evolves!

However, it does have established key properties in its portfolio that make it a stunning yet purposeful piece to have in your collection. Often referred to as the softer, feminine version of its purple cousin the power of this crystal is not to be underestimated and here is why …

Being from the quartz family the Pink Amethyst possess the cleansing qualities. Being able to absorb questionable, neutral, and negative energies, cleanse them and release them back out into the surrounding atmosphere reborn and refreshed.

The Pink Amethysts underlying property of its abilities is to activate an open heart chakra and fill it with love. Making it perfect to help with freely offering and accepting love, patience, and loving thoughts into life.

The gentle love energy from Pink Amethyst has a strong connection with spirit, but in a healing way, as opposed to a psychic way of Purple Amethyst.

Pink Amethyst works with the Third Eye Chakra, giving a fresh outlook and to view life from a higher perspective, from of our soul and to live from a place of love- with the benefit of the hematite inclusions to keep us earth grounded.

An instrumental crystal for anyone who has been hurt, through grief or trauma, enabling them to open their heart again.

A natural emotional balancer, this crystal connects us with our emotions and provides us with understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. This also aids to neutralise troubling thoughts, feelings, and anxiety. It can calm the energy of a situation and enable us to stay cool and collected.

Pink Amethyst also works with the Crown Chakra and can promote a feeling of knowing, through an increased sense of intuition and clarity.

If you wear or have Pink Amethyst placed near your bed or under your pillow, it is known to increase lucid dreams. You will awaken with a stronger memory of what you have dreamt about.

The feelings of balance, clarity, calm and removal of self-doubt, this crystal brings will help to increase personal frequency and growth. Bringing into focus your goals, aspirations, and purpose.

The Pink Amethyst is not a self-cleansing crystal, so you will need to give it love with regular cleansing and charging. The simplest way is to cleanse with sage and charge with full moon light, however it is open to your personal preference and is not water adverse.

This divine pink crystal of love will make a welcome and impactful addition to any collection and makes a beautiful gift for someone special.


“This stone is a reminder that perhaps the best is yet to come in life, and that we need not live under the false impression that we know everything already”
Healing Crystals Company



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The Numbers Behind Leap Day

The concept of the leap year/day started way back in 45BC, when Julius Caesar introduced it as a way for the Gregorian calendar, to match up to our environment.

The Earth takes 365 days, 5 hours and 48 minutes to circle around the sun, so by introducing an additional day once every 4 years, the earth and calendar are somewhat realigned.

Given this occurrence is not every year, it is believed that a leap day holds substantial spiritual powers. So, let us explore the possibilities of what this leap day, may hold!


Numerology Insight

The 29th – 2+9=11

11 is known as a master number – the number of awakening, bringing a higher vibration and intensity to its meaning, paired with a deep spiritual connection.

The 1 of the 11 is associated with masculine energy, the ego to focus on one’s own life and the ability to excel as a natural leader.

However, the number 11 predominantly draws its energies from the number 1 and 2 (see below). Which in it’s self can cause a struggle to find balance.

11 is known for being the number of the deep thinker, producing insightful thoughts and exploring the creative side of ones nature. This can cause introverted tendencies and enjoyment in solitude. Petty dramas, boredom and repetitive tasks are not part of an 11’s agenda.


Of February – 2

When 11 is broken down to a single figure (1+1) it becomes 2, therefore part of the 11 energy relates to the traits of the number 2. This doubles in intensity with the 2 representing February.

2 revolves around the energy of balance and finding fulfilment from personal relationships. It radiates feminine energy, with diplomatic skills and attuned to emotions of others, demonstrating an influential and persuasive manner.

The pursuit of a 2, is to find and carry out the souls purpose or mission for this life. Being strong in the ability to communicate and listen, especially around areas of deep interest, these emotionally driven traits can flow into an over sensitive side and deliver the consequences that come with this.


???? So today, based on the numbers, could be a day to take the lead to go inside yourself, dedicating some time to deeply think about your mission for this life. To start forming ideas of how to creatively communicate your contribution and what is required to do this.