About Sage and Selenite

Sage and Selenite was born from a combination of passions, a supportive soul family and the ability to allow ones imagination to be unleashed. To dream big, exploring the possibility to do what one loves and to turn it into a business.

Fundamentally the very conception of Sage and Selenite started from the need for a God and Goddess candle set, preferably infused with botanicals and of a discreet design – to sit comfortably in a room without screaming out she’s a Witch and has been performing ceremonies!

After not finding what the heart desired and having a creative, give it a go attitude, I gave candle making a wholehearted attempt. The languages of a hands-on craft, creativity, spiritual meaning, alchemy and botanicals spoke, and many candles were made – more than one needs! So, from there the idea to sell the candles developed and Sage and Selenite was born as a brand.

The Future.

The future is a definite unknown, but is guided by the stars, numbers, the divine, guides and the manifestation of positive intent for this business.

The goal for the future is to develop the range of mystical gifts, to make spiritual life and benefits accessible for the everyday Goddess and God.

Personally the objective is to establish Sage and Selenite as a beautiful brand, standing for quality and sharing products, services and knowledge. To continue exploring creativity without restrictions and refine my gifts.

Your support of Sage and Selenite is deeply appreciated.

With thanks