Universe Has Your Back Journal


Gabrielle Bernstein has been inspiring spiritual seekers for over a decade, with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe following her work. One of her most important and recurring teachings is that life is always helping and supporting us. Gabrielle believes that through prayer, trust, and love, we can always be sure that life is bringing us exactly what we need.

She has created a stunning journal to help readers implement and practice journaling in their own lives. With artwork based on the beautiful The Universe Has Your Back card deck, this journal will feature quotes to inspire an introspective journaling experience.

This journal will set you on a colourful journey of creativity and spirituality towards your own connection with the supportive forces of life. Ultimately, learn to find trust and faith, and to understand that no matter what challenges or circumstances you are going through, the universe always has your back.

Author – Gabrielle Bernstein
Pages – 108, spiral bound

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