Three Cards – Past, Present and Future


This spread is aimed to give clarity and insights into the past, present and future.

The Past – help to identify energies or events from the past that may be causing blocks in your ability to move forward and/or give guidance on past lessons relevant in present and future.

The Present – the energies of the now, what challenges or openings are being offered to you currently.

The Future – provides the opportunity for insight on the direction or outcome of the previous two cards.

Three cards drawn intuitively from Tarot or Oracle with a basic reading / explanation and image of each card emailed directly to you.

Cards and energies are cleansed before and after each reading. Please allow 48 hours for a reading reply (we aim to be much quicker than this!)

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By purchasing a card reading service, you are giving permission for the reader to engage with your energy, solely for the purpose of the reading.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for any actions taken because of a reading. Any services provided are done solely for the purpose of entertainment, in alignment with the Summary Offences Act 1981.