Pink Amethyst Geode – 4


A recent discovery in the crystal world, Pink Amethyst is found in a mine based in Patagonia, Argentina and is considered a rare crystal.

The inclusion of hematite to its crystalline structure produces the much sort after pretty pink colouring.

Often referred to as the softer, feminine version of its purple cousin the power of this crystal is not to be underestimated. Engaging the energies of love and an open heart, it is combined with properties of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace.

The gentle love energy from Pink Amethyst has a strong connection with spirit, but in a healing way – working with the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras.

Perfect crystal for anyone has been hurt, going through grief or trauma, enabling them to open their heart again. A stunning yet purposeful piece to have in your collection.

This Geode is approx. 4cm at its widest point and 32grams.
For full details on the properties of Pink Amethyst CLICK HERE to read our resources blog

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