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Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) in Spanish translates to “Holy Wood” and once your experience these smudging stick you will understand why.

The sweet, citrus and woody aroma has under-tones of its relations Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal, The Palo Santo tree grows in South America, where there are strict laws around ethical harvesting of the wood – a tree must be rested on the forest floor for several years, after falling from natural causes.

Used for energy purification, to attract positive energy and providing an uplifting scent to raise your vibration, Palo Santo also has a range of health benefits. Sticks can be used in a similar fashion to incense and smudge sticks, by burning. Alternately you can put a couple of sticks in your draws or closet, to infuse the aroma into your clothing.

Packaging these sticks into bundles, is a most enjoyable and calming job!

Sticks naturally vary in size but approx. 100 – 110mm in length.

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Interesting Fact:
Reading up on Palo Santo this interesting fact was shared:

“Those who harvest this wood discovered that not only are there male and female palo santo trees, but that they grow in groups of one male and eight females. The lone male outlives his female counterparts by a long shot. While female trees tend to live around 40-50 years, the male can live up to 200 years. Their wood also has distinct characteristics. Wood from female palo santo trees is yellow, solid and heavy, whereas that of the male is white, hollow, fragile and light.”

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