Golden Healer Freeform


A stunning solid and smooth Golden Healer.

One of my favourite crystals, this beautiful freeform exudes golden goodness and healing vibes. With interesting veining and small rainbows, it would make a gorgeous centerpiece, paired with practicality as a healing stone.

Approx.  120mm (h) x 40mm (d) x 75mm (w) and 640grams.

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Known as a potent healing crystal, the Golden Healer connects with the golden light of the Universal Life Force draws it to flow through the body via the crown chakra. This light clears imbalances and blockages, preparing the body for a multi-level healing. Powerful, but soothing and gentle it raises the energetic vibration to exceptional levels and facilitates profound spiritual activation, it echoes with one’s soul and path journey to enlightenment. Useful for spiritual communications between dimensions and worlds. Has the ability to neutralise anger, dissipate negative emotions, and stimulate compassion and empathy. The perfect crystal to make great changes in one’s life with minimal effort. A good companion crystal to achieve financial goals, attracting abundance, prosperity, and luck.

Chakra: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Higher. Ability to align all chakras.
Zodiac: Connected to all astrological signs.

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