Twelve Months Tarot and Tea

If you are seeking a little insight or guidance on the next twelve months, then you are invited to join Lisa for a cuppa and engage in a conversation with twelve tarot cards.

It is recommended to allow at least one and half hours for a one to one twelve month reading appointment and it will start with a complimentary white sage smoke cleanse to clear your energy ready to connect with the cards.

All that is required is an open mind and honest banter, as Twelve cards (one for each of the following twelve months) are drawn intuitively to discover a sneak peek to the possibilities ahead.

The investment is $125 and is payable upon booking. Please use our Appointment Availability calendar or CLICK HERE

Readings are a personal experience however if you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring a support person. Please note if your support person would also like a reading, please email Lisa on to arrange a double appointment.

Disclaimer: By purchasing a card reading service, you are giving permission for the reader to engage with your energy, solely for the purpose of the reading. Sage and Selenite / the person performing the reading does not accept responsibility or liability for any actions taken because of a reading. Any services provided are done solely for the purpose of entertainment, in alignment with the Summary Offences Act 1981.