Mini Crystal Class

This mini crystal class is designed for the novice crystal lover who would like to develop their intuition and understanding of the earths energy gems. This one hour class will include the following:

White sage cleanse

Each participant receives a white sage smoke cleanse to clear the individuals energy ready to connect with the crystals.

The relationship between chakras and crystals

The chakras are the energy points within our bodies, and we explore these to help with the selection of crystals and how we use them.

Techniques to intuitively select crystals

Learn a couple of techniques to select crystals using your intuition to guide you to the crystals that will be of most benefit.

Ways to use your crystals

Try out different ways to use your crystals depending on where and what they are being used for, to maximise their effect.

Crystal care

Top tips on how to care for, cleanse and charge your crystals, to ensure their energy is maintained and flowing.

Complimentary cleansing kit

Each participant will receive a cleansing kit to practice the tips learnt above.

This Mini Crystal Class is for one to three people per booking, for an intimate and relaxed learning experience. Questions are welcomed and there will be time for shopping afterwards if desired.

The investment for this class is $65 per person and is payable upon booking. Please use our Appointment Availability calendar or CLICK HERE