Energy Therapy

Like all the good things in life, Sage and Selenite Energy Therapy doesn’t fit into a box. Each appointment is as individual as you are and is guided with direction from your energies requirements.

Aimed to help clear and assist you heal blockages which can occur within your four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), an energy therapy session can include one or more modalities such as charka work, crystal therapy, sound therapy and reiki, complimented with colour therapy, card reading, crystal grids and more.

A beautiful way to lift your spirits, recharge your vitality or used as a complimentary therapy to traditional methods, with all you needing to provide is an open mind and honest heart.

Each appointment has an hour and a half allocation, where we initiate the session with white sage cleansing and a gentle discussion, followed by our therapist working their magic using the guided modalities and then a closing debrief, where we can converse about your experience of the session, answer your questions and close with at home recommendations.

Your initial appointment also includes a complimentary cleansing kit and chakra info sheet. All appointments qualify for 10% discount on any shop purchases.

The investment for an initial appointment is $175, follow up appointments are $145 and are payable upon booking. Please use our Appointment Availability calendar or CLICK HERE

If you have any questions before booking please email and Lisa will be in touch.