Chakra Cleanse + Charge with Crystals

A beautiful way to lift your spirits, recharge your energy and treat yourself to some you time. In this appointment we work with the 7 main energy points of the body (chakras), and the corresponding crystals to clear blockages or stagnant energy effecting our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Each appointment has an hour allocation, where we initiate the session with a gentle discussion, a chakra card pull, and then the magic happens in our warmed therapy room. Starting with a white sage cleansing and placement of corresponding crystals on each chakra, each energy point is cleansed and charged. The therapy is concluded by a smudging of palo santo and a selenite wrap.

Afterwards we have a closing debrief, where we can converse about your experience of the session, a reveal of your chakra cards, discuss any questions you have and close with at home recommendations.

The investment for this appointment is $120 and is payable upon booking. This appointment also qualifies you for 10% discount on any shop purchases at the time of the appointment. Please use our Appointment Availability calendar or CLICK HERE

This treatment is ideal as a monthly rebalance and recharge, concession options are also available on the booking form. It also makes an amazing gift and experience for a loved one!

If you have any questions before booking please email and Lisa will be in touch.