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Moon phases and their manifesting magic

New Moon


A New Moon occurs when the sun and the Moon are aligned on the same side of the Earth. As there is no light on the face of the Moon we see what looks like the dark side of the Moon.

Marking the beginning of the lunar cycle, the New Moon is associated with a new start, rebirth, a clean slate, possibilities, and potential.

Like the darkness of the Moons appearance, we often feel like we want to retreat and turn inwards to oneself, to hibernate and recharge ready for the lunar cycle ahead – preparing for a new phase.

This is the optimal time to make new plans, to focus on what you do want, to set your intent for the lunar cycle ahead and to start the process of deciding which dreams to turn into reality.

The New Moon energy syncs with our abilities to manifest, so consider expressing what you are wanting to make appear in your life – writing, drawing, vision boarding etc.

Waxing Crescent Moon

3 – 7 days after the New Moon

The Sun is starting to move closer to the Moon and begins to shed a little light on the dark figure. “Waxing” the Moons illumination is growing and “Crescent” meaning less than half the Moon is illuminated.

As we emerge recharged from the dark, our path is starting to be lit up and growth is taking place. Shed light on your plans and desires to manifest set under the New Moon energy. Review and ensure that they still resonate with you and have been set with the right intent. Question the “Why” behind them.

For those plans that tick the boxes it is time to start to plant the seeds for these firmly in your mind. Start building the foundation to make them happen and consider the process required to get you to the end goal – list what you need to do to give you the greatest chance of success and start moving forward with it.

Visualisation is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. Make space to visualise you plans completed. Take note of what that looks like and more importantly feels like. Have faith in your abilities!

First Quarter Moon

7 – 10 days after the New Moon

First Quarter refers to the Moon being a quarter of the way through the lunar cycle however, the Moon appears to be half illuminated and half in shadow – visually looking like it is cut in half.

The key words around this moon are challenges, decisions, and commitment to action. This Moon phase can feel like a struggle and a testing time.

If there are to be obstacles, unexpected challenges, or tough decisions, they will appear now. If you are not dedicated to the

cause, then it is time to let it go.

Alternately if you are still excited and engaged in achieving your original goals you set under the New Moon, then now is when you need to work extra hard and commit to your plan.

Revisit your writings, drawings, lists and visualisations – draw on the intention behind them and the feelings / ener

gy they bring.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

10 – 15 days after the New Moon

Three quarters of the Moon is now seen and is often visible during the day as well. “Waxing” the Moons illumination is growing and “Gibbous” meaning more than half the Moon is illuminated and bulging.

One phase away from the Full Moon, use the extra light to look at how plans are tracking and use the energy to stay on track. Pay attention to the details and your actions, remember your intent, and decipher what is and isn’t working.

The universe often has its own plans, that may differ from our own to reach the goal. Do not be discouraged. Use this time to review, revise and adjust the plan as required.

Full Moon

15 – 18 days after the New Moon

The Sun and the Moon are placed either side of Earth and this makes the face of the Moon appear fully illuminated. T

his is also when the Moon and Earth are in opposite Zodiac signs which can elevate emotions, while trying to find a balance between these two aspects.

Generally, this is the phase where your hard work around intentions and manifesting will start to be realised. Harvest the produce from the seeds you have sown and celebrate the results. Alternatively, you may receive strong signs that you are on track, be open to new opportunities that may present themselves.

If you are Moon sensitive your body may react with the peak stage of the Moon cycle. This may be a form of anxiety, waiting in anticipation for manifestations to appear or being aware that they may take more time.

Sleep is often disrupted at this time, so is advisable to engage in a little extra self-care and love – moon bathing is a great way to soak up the lunar light goodness!

Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon

3 – 7 days after the Full Moon

Waning refers to the decreasing illumination of the Moon as it heads back towards the New Moon phase.

After all the energy used in the build-up to and during the Full Moon cycle, now is a time to take a breath and relax – just a little. The flow on effect of the work put in early around intentions and manifesting will still be coming through to enjoy.

This is the perfect time to take stock of where you are at, what you have achieved and to be grateful for the gifts. Even if full fruition has not been achieved, there will be silver linings to be grateful for. Take a moment to acknowledge your gratitude.

This Moon brings about a sense of wanting to share, love and give to those you care about. This does not have to be shown in a monetary or material way. Sharing your knowledge of what you have learnt to help others is smiled upon by the universe.

Third Quarter Moon

7 – 10 days after the Full Moon

Being three quarters through the lunar cycle we are close to completion. The Moon appears to be half illuminated and half

in shadow – the opposite sides of the First Quarter Moon.

Clearing energy through forgiveness is characteristic of this Moon phase. Look back over the last month and see if there are any mistakes, bad habits, bad blood or causes of anger, grudges, hurt or pain that you are holding onto or placing you back into the shadows.

Purge and let go of these energies, forgive yourself and other parties who may be involved. Clear out and remove anything that does not serve you for the higher purpose.

It is also a good time to declutter and cleanse your physical spaces. A clear space, place and mind will help you to release and move forward, from a place of love making space for the next New Moon intentions.

Waning Crescent Moon

10 days after the Full Moon until New Moon

The Moons illumination is decreasing and will shortly be a slither as the New Moon approaches.

The same way the light cannot be controlled from disappearing, this Moon teaches us that we cannot control everythi

ng in life. It is time to continue letting go of what does not serve us – that includes attempting to control all that is around us.

Sit back, go with the flow, and surrender to the divine universe for this Moon phase. Rest and recuperate, take time to heal and let fate play its cards.

Enjoy some time to do some dreaming, dream big for the approaching New Moon.

The Cycle is Complete as The New Moon Arrives